4 Tips for PIKE FISHING from the Shore 🐊

[Music] good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this spicy video today we’re not only gonna see if we can catch a pike in this beautiful Lake here by me it’s a new lake that I have never fished before but I’m also gonna share with you my four best tips for shore fishing […]

Trying CRAZY TOPWATER LURE for Pike 💥 (Fishing Heavy Cover)

good morning fellow pike anglers and welcome back to another spicy episode look what I have behind me I have an absolutely stunning looking small lake that I have never ever fished before I brought some topwater lures and some other juicy stuff and we’re also gonna try a completely new thing on my flow […]

FLY TV – Fly Fishing Big Salmon in Norway (German Subtitles)

My name is Antti Guttorm. Today we are doing this: I just arrived here by the river in Finnmark in northern Norway. I have been fishing the biggest river in the region, the Tana river. It is the border between Finland and Norway. My father’s family is from that region, so I have been fishing […]

FISHING PIKE IN SMALL DITCH – Holland🇳🇱 | Team Galant

this is how your fingers should look like after a good days of fishing I’m curious to see how long it is it’s like over 90 I think Oh good morning everyone I’m with Daniel Ayres and we’re just about to start fishing and we’re gonna fish with Peter Pan yeah exactly his friend back […]

Strike Pro TV – Northern Pike Fishing in Belarus

that’s good I’m here with Anton fishermen are located somewhere in Belarus yeah fish on oh it’s so we are fishing around six meters under the boat and we have a shallow edge in front of us mate it’s so good to be here it’s so exciting I heard of it so much and I […]

FLY TV – Topwater Mamas (Pike Fly Fishing in the Mountains)

Catching pike on fly is cool. Catching them on topwater is even cooler. Oh, there is one! I’m going to figure eight this son of a bitch. It is a big fish! Keep doing that. A little bit faster. It is a nice metre fish, man. Seeing these fish attack the fly on the surface, […]

Rapala Pro Guide | Halibut and Cod Fishing at Sørøya

Welcome to today’s show! We are on the beautiful island of Sørøya. The goal is to catch some halibut, hippoglossus hippoglossus. We will let this little friend of ours back. How hard can it be? It is back here again, behind us. Fantastic nature here in northern Norway. What a cod! Last one now. Come […]

FLY TV – Grayling Dreams – Fly Fishing for Big Grayling

I am Daniel Bergman. – And I am Niklaus Bauer. You are watching FLY TV and today we are doing this: Welcome back to FLY TV. Today, we are in Ammarnäs. We will try to get some big graylings. With me today is Mr. Pike, Niklaus Bauer. He knows how to do this as well. […]