How To Spot And Spear An Eel

#UCLES ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCTIONS# *Man Makes Duck Quack Sound* *Man Makes Duck Quack Sound* Well, Funny or not Thats not the technique that I’m going to be using. Today, I’m going to be showing you How i’m going to be spearing freshwater eels, In a little pond, like this! But, there is a technique I’m about […]


Music that makes you’re parents say “shut that thing off!!!” WEIRD Guys we’re trapped in an aquarium. Oh my goodness, what is going on here? Who is this guy? The Aquarium It’s flooding Lets get out of here. Okay? Whatever you say. I’d uh What are these tubes? I’ve never seen this ?? I’ve never […]

Teleport Trouble Part 2! Nerf Battle in the Aquarium!

[ [quirky music]>>Hey, careful!>>Careful of what?>>I’m fixing the teleport machine.>>Ugh. Not that thing again. Remember what happened last time we used that thing?>>Yeah, it was fun!>>I got stuck in the desert last time!>>You won’t this time. Look what I did.>>What, you made it worse? Is that even possible?>>No, I didn’t make it worse! Check it […]

What to expect at OdySea Aquarium – Pal Video

Welcome to The OdySea Aquarium Pal video. Helping you prepare for a trip to OdySea Aquarium. With Pal everyone gets to go. Today, Danny and Mary get to go to OdySea Aquarium. Awesome! The family walked past the OdySea in the Desert courtyard, sometimes they have events here. Their dad pre-ordered their tickets on the […]

SHARK SONG on RAFT! Survival Game w/ Baby Shawn in Danger! 1st Night Minecraft? FGTEEV Gameplay/Skit

I live on a raft, in the middle of an ocean Not afraid of shark attacks that can happen any moment… Gee Willikers, it’s a shark! You’re mine, shark! You want some of this shark bring it on ow, ow! You’re going to buy me a new shirt. Look what you did to it You […]

Never Wanted To Find This Magnet Fishing…(Could have Killed Someone)

Big Dave just hooked on something big right here and he’s pulling it up. That’s the same guy. He’s following us There’s not a little magnificient guys. Welcome back to another episode. We are at new location check this place out. Hopefully it’s pretty promising So make sure you stick around see if we find […]


Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! I got so many requests from you guys to make something Finding Nemo Themed, and, the new movie Finding Dory is coming out, and I realized, we still haven’t made something Finding Nemo! So we are going to fix that today! We are gonna be making […]

We Went Magnet Fishing At A State Park & You Won’t Believe What We Found!!

a big day just hooked onto something big in the water I hear there’s a couple of boats missing oh yeah I got something big guys welcome back to another episode I did get a brand new magnet super excited we will open it up to take a look at it guys take a look […]

Stomach Wrenching Magnet Fishing Find & You Have To See For Yourself!!

oh dude there’s me tonight something dad wrapped up in there Oh guys about the 36 heart pound pulled magnet today I am sitting in a kayak I’ve never met a fishing kayak before so stick around we’ll see how we do today something oh I got my first fine today oh yeah look at […]

If Magnet Fishing Were Not Filmed, No One Would Believe us!!

Big Dave thinks he’s got something big right here LaBelle oh you do got something alright guys welcome back to the episode I am at a new boat dock I’ve never been here before I did bring the 1500 pound pull bag net so we’ll go ahead and throw it in here get the show […]