CKP Recipe – Surmai Fry – Seer Fish- King Fish Fried

Namaskar, today i am going to demonstrate CKP style Fish fried recipe Ingredients required I have taken 1 Surmai(Seer/King Fish) washed it clean and taken aroun 10 pieces of the fish For frying – Wheat flour or rice flour – as per choice we are going to add half tsp Turmeric powder 4 tsp -Tamarind […]

How to Fish for Klutina River Red Salmon

[MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, going for a run! Ouch! Burned my thumb. There’s a nice Klutina red. Dinner! Hello my name’s Scott Maclean. I’m a fisheries biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. And today, we’re here on the banks of the Klutina river to fish for sockeye salmon, also known as red salmon. […]

Fishing with the Pros – Part 3 “When to Fish”

>>King: I typically say March is the best month down here for catching big bass. And April is probably a better month for catching numbers of bass, plus some big ones.>>Snowden: Mid-April through May would be the all-time best for just catching nice quality fish.>>Webb: I like to fish in December. The fish are feeding […]