Korean Fish Waffle Custard Ice Cream – Crazy From Kong Review !!

Aboong Cafe Custard Fish Waffle Sundae Spencer you’re back well that’s great for running the Timothy Dalton fan club in singapore what was that like magnificent it was being I loved every moment of it how do you but you had a mustache the whole time you were there too I didn’t have a mustache […]

ASMR 과메기 리얼사운드 먹방 Half-dried Herring クァメギ Real sound Mukbang Eating Sound

Hello It’s me Onhwa. Today’s menu is Half-dried Herring. Please like this Video and Subscribe.

SUB) 두부를 김에???? @[email protected] 청어알젓두부김쌈 : Herring Roe Tofu Samhap ★ [만개의레시피]

[Follow the restaurant] Herring Tofu Kimchi Cucumber flattened and onions chopped Buttercup slices. Chopped onion, buttercup, Mix chopped garlic, sesame oil and sesame seeds. Boil tofu in boiling water for 3 minutes, then dice. Put sesame leaves on a plate and put tofu, salted sauce and cucumber Cut the roasted seaweed and serve it.

ASMR 송어회 Sliced Raw Trout マスの刺身 生鳟鱼片 ปลาเทราต์ซาซิมิ Real sound Mukbang Eating Sound

Hello It’s me Onhwa. Today’s menu is Trout sashimi. Please like this Video and Subscribe. Red pepper paste (Chogochujang) chopped garlic Soy flour I’ll dip it in the red pepper paste first.

Yuna Lee, How to make Eel rice bowl [jang-eodeopbab장어덮밥]

Hey guys! It’s Yuna Today we’re going to be making Eel rice bowl The ingredients you will need are shredded garlic soy sauce water sugar rice onion green onion egg and eel I bought one that is already seasoned So let’s get started The first thing I’m going to do is fry my egg Now […]

ENG] 장어 3KG 오늘 밤샘각이다..!! (feat. 인생 첫 장어…) Eel 3KG MUKBANG EATING SHOW

Hello This is Amy! Today…. I’m going to eat 3kgs of eel and ginger, vegetables, sesame leaf sauce and soy sauce It looks thick soy colored sauce this is red pepper paste something like that the drink is sprite Bon appétit Eel tastes exactly like mackerel Exactly like mackerel Somebody told me that eel tastes […]

Eel, carp, chicken feet juice for summertime energy

We’re having ‘jeup’ today, which means extracted juice in Korean. In the summer, actually, in any season when we’re feeling under the weather or tired, we try to re-energize by eating some jeup. So these are all ‘jeup.’ We can make various kinds of ingredients to extract juices. It’s my first time to have these […]

Eggplant and soy sauce side dish (가지나물)

(guitar music) Hi everybody! Here you go! This is eggplant! Korean eggplant: ‘ga-ji’ We are going to make gaji-namul, steamed eggplant. Gaji-namul is always my favorite side dish. First, we are going to steam this and then this is my steamer pot. And I added two cups of water here then the steamer rack, I’ll […]

Taro Soup (Toran-guk: 토란국)

(lighthearted upbeat music) – Hello everybody! Today I brought this. You know what it is? Look at this! It looks like a potato. This is taro. We are going to make soup. Taro soup. In Korean, toran-guk. When I lived in Korea, I always thought toran is only Koreans eating. But later I found out […]

Korean Elephant Fish

It’s time for Food Adventure Program for Awesome People! The Elephant Fish edition! I feel like it’s really confusing to tell it’s an elephant fish. [S] Well it’s not an actual elephant fish. [M] It’s actually quite thin. This is the biggest fish that you can get here in Korea. We’re gonna have a giant […]