[ASMR] Amazing Monster Fish Blackmouth angler👾통 아귀 수육+아귀 튀김 먹방 Eatingsound Realsound Mukbang

Hi everyone, it’s Ssoyoung. Today I will be trying a monkfish. It’s my first time seeing alive monkfish. Its mouth is this much big. Please click go back button if you feel uncomfortable with watching alive monkfish. Let me take it out first. If you get bitten, your hand will be gone. I will be […]

[ASMR] The Most Crazy Flopping Catfish🐟 펄떡펄떡 메기 튀김 + 메기매운탕 먹방 Eatingsound Realsound Mukbang

Hello, I’m Sso-young. I’m going to eat a live catfish today. If you’re uncomfortable with being alive, press the Skip button or the Back button! I’ve never seen catfish in real life. Three… I’m so scared. Please… Ladies and gentlemen, this is catfish. He have a beard like this. English name is Cat fish. It’s […]

[Mukbang ASMR] 춤추는 산오징어🦑(Dancing Live Squid) Raw Squid + Braised Squid | Eatingshow EatingSound

Take a piss… There’s a burst of ink. Hello, I’m Sso Young. We’re having a squid party today. There’s one in the tank. Let go of this! Let go of this! I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m going to try the squid. Guys, I’m sorry. What? Are you angry? I’m sorry. Take a piss… I’ll season […]


Hello everybody, welcome to ASMR Brandan’s channel! 😀 Today we’re eating japanese grilled eel, also known as unagi, with tobiko eggs and japanese cucumbers If you like this menu or if you enjoy my videos, please hit the like and subscribe button! Ok, lets eat now! Thanks for watching, see you in the next video!

통통한 민물장어 양념구이 리얼사운드먹방 / Grilled Eel 烤鳗鱼 ウナギの蒲焼 うなぎ Lươn nướng ปลาไหลย่าง

Looks so fresh~ I love air fryer Great~ Looks quite a lot of portions! Hi everyone, Today’s menu is Grilled Eels which are the gift from my uncle! These are 2 freshwater eels which only live in fresh water I grilled it by using the air fryer Here are Homemade pickled garlic and pickled spicy […]

차돌짬뽕 짬뽕밥 리얼사운드먹방 /Seafood Beef Noodle Soup Jjamppong Mukbang Eating Show 焖面 ちゃんぽん จัมปง

Looks so nice…! YEAH~ Don’t forget the rice! Hi everyone, Today’s menu is Seafood beef noodle soup! I got the noodle soup from Chinese restaurant and I bought beef around 7,000 Won (KRW) amount from the Butcher Then, I grilled it and added on the top of soup! Here are the pickled radish and kimchi! […]

ASMR MUKBANG 산낙지 열라면 & 핵불닭 소스, 소주 한잔 먹방 SEAFOOD RAW OCTORPUS EATING SHOW Gurita Hải sản Bạch tuộc

The octopus is dead because it was gutted before it was eaten. It’s driven by the octopus-specific nervous system, but it’s never alive. In Korean culture, octopus is treated as a health food.🐙 It’s done. Today, we prepared some fresh octopus! I’ll enjoy my meal!! It’s my first time drinking soju, but I use it […]