Beginner Trout Fishing Trip Tips for Catching Trout

Ultra Light Fishing In Stocked Trout Waters 1/2 – Spot Fishing in Clear Water

Ultra Light Fishing in Stocked Trout Lakes Yes! Spot Fishing In Clear Waters Right now we are pürch fishing. Pürch fishing is basically where you can see the fish, just like these golden trouts out here in front of me. We are targeting the fish directly, to see if they will strike our lure. They […]

BOATMAN & BACKSWIMMERS | Lake Fishing Tenchiques

Mike we’re using floating lines here in the shallow bay for obvious reasons but what are some of the other lines you like to use another situation you’d use them one of the other lines I like to use phil is a traditional sink line and with that line instead of the uniform or the […]

Catching Splake Trout and Big Brook Trout in a Mountain Lake (Rocky Mountains, Colorado)

Welcome to hardman fishing adventures Alright what’s up guys? I am out here in beautiful Colorado up at a lake on top of a mountain and Rocky Mountains, I am at about 12,500 feet in elevation or something like that. So it’s a lot higher than West, Virginia But um i’ma got here and I’m […]

Fly Fishing Pink Trout At Secret Glacier Lake Day 7 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

Basics of Stillwater Fly Fishing for Trout

– [Tom Voiceover] Welcome everybody to the Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing, I’m your host Tom Rosenbauer. Joining us today is my friend and guest co-host Phil Rowley. Phil is one of the most recognized still water fly fishers in North America. He spent over 25 years developing and refining his still water fly fishing […]

Is there Trout??? …in Lake Chabot.

hey so what’s up guys first day of trout season going to Chabot they planted yesterday at 1:00 so I’m gonna go hit this place and see if I can catch some trout let’s go fishing guys Hey so what’s up guys we’re still here Chabot I know fish yet the sun’s coming up though […]

How to Fish: Where Trout Live in a Lake | GoFishBC

Becoming a successful fly fisher or just angling- any type of angling- stillwaters requires a basic understanding of lake structure: the anatomy of a trout lake. Because trout live in certain parts of the lake at certain times of the year depending on water temperature and the amount of options that is available to them. […]

Lake Trout Vertical Jigging Fun – The Best of Michigan Fishing

For more information, or if you would like to experience the excitement of this hands-on, light tackle jigging technique, please give Sport Fish Michigan a call, or check us out on the web