Ultra Clear Water: Lake Trout Fishing

Lake Trout on Underwater Camera!

good morning I’m back for another day of ice fishing, better lighting right there I love my fishing not gonna lie I am still up at caribou Lodge Outfitters here like I said in my last video yeah so that lens right there I’ll leave some contact information up here how to get here and […]

“Casting Super Shallow Lake Trout” Full Length (TV Show 8) – Uncut Angling – April 1, 2013

AARON: Yeah. Let’s go. TIM: All right. Let’s go. AARON: Here comes the big man. We’re at Kenanow Lodge. This is Tim Matheson. He’s the former owner and now he’s just the head guide and local fish bum. Tim and I met probably seven years ago, fishing an online tournament. Head to head. Lots of […]