Trout Fishing Kings River CA (upper)

I threw to the wrong spot then, thats why earlier I felt a bite too but…. His probably not big got only the smalls his probably not big ogm, mine is pulling amazingly come here fool oh don’t come tangle me Yingska, yours is so small, hurry it up, man! yours is so small, why […]

Hidden Trails of the Sierra Nevada: Golden Trout Lake Loop

It is Johnny bluegrass here just north of on Pine, California out in the Sierra, Nevada We are gonna take you on a very special hike today. We’re gonna check out golden trout lake It’s about a two mile hike from the onion Valley trailhead. Look at our directions at the bottom We’re going to […]

Urban Trout Fishing, Manchester, Iowa

In the depths of an Iowa winter some fishermen descend in their own version of hibernation, seeding our lakes and streams to only the hardiest of anglers. But inside an Iowa DNR hatchery, a team of fishery experts is giving every Iowans a reason to rediscover cold weather angling. On a crisp winter morning near […]

FLY TV – Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing in Small Lakes

I am Daniel Bergman. You are watching FLY TV. Today we are doing this: Our plan today is to do some rainbow and trout fishing. That is a huge fish! I was never in control of that one. This is what you call a typical rainbow trout box. That is a nice fish. Good morning! […]

Trout Stocking at Blackwell Forest Preserve

♪♪ Today we’re stocking rainbow trout at Silver Lake for the 2010 fall trout program which opens up on October 16. The season is closed from October 1 to October 15 for fishing so that the trout that we are putting in today have time to acclimate, spread out throughout the lake. And then on […]

Raise & release: Students experience Trout in the Classroom

The nice thing about Trout in the Classroom is that it’s really flexible, there’s all sorts of things that can be looked at. They study the trout in their classroom, they work with water quality, they learn about their watershed, they released the trout into a local water body, and do some activities outdoors as […]

How to Clean a Fish!

[MUSIC] Alright before we get started here I want to just show you a little bit about what we’ve got here. We’re going to start with the brim. Brim you can fillet out if you get a big enough one. Brim, when I say brim I mean any of your sunfish family. Most people around […]

Tiny Mussels Invade Great Lakes, Threaten Fishing Industry

bjbjLULU JEFFREY BROWN: And next, the story of a tiny invader doing big damage to the Great Lakes. Ash-har Quraishi of WTTW Chicago reports. ASH-HAR QURAISHI, WTTW Chicago: It’s just after dawn in northern Wisconsin. Commercial fisherman Dennis Hickey is getting ready to take his fishing boat out on Lake Michigan. Hickey’s family has fished […]

Fish Feeder Program

The Kansas Wildlife and Parks fish feeder program is popular with anglers at many Kansas lakes. Weatherproof feeders located within easy casting distance from shoreline concentrate fish so they’re easier to catch. Anglers without boats especially appreciate these enhanced fishing opportunities, though boaters make use of them as well. Channel catfish are usually the primary […]