Richard Herring: Crucifixion Surprise Party – Set List: Stand-Up Without a Net

(guitar music) – Welcome to Setlist ‘standup without a net’ live at the Edinburgh Fringe festival. (crowd cheers) – Where some of the UK’s favorite comedians are coming on stage with no preparation whatsoever. We’ll tell them what they’re going to be talking about in stand up created in the moment and under pressure. – […]

Stinky Fish Challenge – Surstromming – Joe McCloskey Jr – Colorado Springs

– Hi guys, we’re gonna do the stinky fish challenge. And it is right here! – Yep. – And my dad is gonna eat it, and we have prizes, so if we run around we don’t get the prize. My prize is a bike. – And my prize is the Flipzee Girl. – Yep, this […]

Conan Visits Noryangjin Fish Market

(humming ring) (audience applause) On the second day in Korea, I decided to visit the historic Noryangjin fish market and I brought my korean teacher, Jin Shia, with me. (speaks Korean) (responds in Korean) What the… What is…What kind of fish is that? (speaks Korean) (audience chuckles) They bow very deeply does that does mean […]