What about outcomes in the Ofsted Inspection Framework? – Gill Jones | The Famly Interview

Outcomes are always important because they define readiness in the early years. A child that is well on the road to being able to read, or to be confident in all the areas of learning, that’s important so we’re not saying outcomes don’t matter, they do, but the journey to the outcomes is really important. […]

Ofsted’s behaviour criteria – Gill Jones | The Famly Interview

I think for early years it’s really important that we’ve separated out behaviour because the focus around children’s behaviour is fundamental to development in fact, comes before everything else. You know, it’s learnt from the moment they’re born, the eye contact, the interactions, and I just showed a picture in my talk of two young […]

Letting managers decide – Gill Jones | The Famly Interview

What we’re not saying and what we don’t want to create by this new framework is a provider thinking that they’ve got to go out and buy a curriculum. This is really about knowing their children, knowing their staff and working as a team in order to ensure that the children have the best learning […]

Gill Jones explains the new Ofsted inspection framework | The Famly Interview

We’re here at Nursery World and we’ve just had a great conversation with Gill Jones, the deputy director of early education at Ofsted. She talked to us all about the brand new framework that Ofsted have put out for consultation and what the different parts of it mean. Hope you enjoy, and let us know […]