Aquarium Action – A Lego Stop Motion

Come to the Lego Aquarium to get a behind-the-scenes job! We would like and behind-the-scenes job. Alright! We have a shark to add to the tank. *water splashing* We got the shark in the tank! *water splashing* We have a tank in the back. Where is it? Follow me! *lots of screaming* *water splashing* *water […]

LEGO Zoo & Aquarium with 75+ animals!

hey, everybody its jiang here from jiang Bricks calm with finally a look at my custom Lego zoo the attractions include African Plains a Lion Pen Bear pen swamp area with hippo and gators you got a primate pen here an aviary gift shop [an] Insect area back here and a very large aquarium [I] […]

Swimming LEGO Shark 2 – 31088 Deep Sea Creatures Stand

Hey everyone, Jason here. Today it is shark day! LEGO recently released this Deep-Sea Creatures Creator 3-in-1 set and as soon as I saw the shark on it I knew I wanted to try and make this shark swim, and even though I already built a swimming shark last fall, it was based on the […]

LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store review 🎣 21310

hello everyone this is the Lego ideas old fishing store and like all Lego ideas themed sets this started out as a fan designed model that got a lot of popular votes and was eventually chosen to be turned into a produced set the process of bringing it into production involved redesigning quite a lot […]