INSANE CICHLIDS – You Won’t Believe These Aquarium Fish

on the fly this is the Allred between what’s tomorrow male tear breather pack which is one male three female hot like deep referral traffic goes cuz this dude is who I get my fish from he’s got the champ and he was doing it a long time his family’s been doing it Mike D […]

Kamie Crawford’s Best ‘Catfish’ Moments | Ranked: Catfish

(laid back hip hop music) – What’s up, everybody? Back, and this week, with a very special co-host, someone I’m very excited about. – Hi. – And here she is, Kamie Crawford. – Hey, guys. (upbeat music) – Welcome to the show. – Thank you, I’m a huge fan. – What’s your favorite episode? – […]

‘Catfish’ host Nev Schulman offers to help Dina Lohan with her boyfriend situation – Latest News

 Nev Schulman may have someone new to help out.  The “Catfish” host took to Twitter after Page Six published a story on Dina Lohan‘s mystery boyfriend  “YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME,” he said, linking to our article on Friday of the celebrity mom, 56, who has been dating a man for five years and has […]

Morphing Paper Fish

Here’s a nice idea. I came across this many years ago as a sort of paper vase made of corrugated paper, and it looked like a vase, like this. This one though is made to look like a fish and it gapes its mouth when you squeeze its tail like that. If I put it […]

How to Make Catfish Courtbouillon : Sauté for the Vegetables for a Catfish Courtbouillon Recipe

Hi! My name is Karl James and on behalf of, I am going to continue on with our catfish Courtbouillon recipe. Okay, we’ve cut up our Holy Trinity, which once again is the onions, bell pepper and the celery and now we’ve got about 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil heating here in our pot, […]

Korean Fish Waffle Custard Ice Cream – Crazy From Kong Review !!

Aboong Cafe Custard Fish Waffle Sundae Spencer you’re back well that’s great for running the Timothy Dalton fan club in singapore what was that like magnificent it was being I loved every moment of it how do you but you had a mustache the whole time you were there too I didn’t have a mustache […]

Current Serene LED kit REVIEW – Aquarium BACKLIGHT TRICK

What’s up everyone my name is Nicolas Marion and welcome to my channel Aqua Splendor. So if you wonder how I made those kind of shot, kind of movie/video it’s quite easy and maybe you know it because you probably search and it’s on the title also and it’s made with this, The Serene LED […]

PANGA Trailer Reaction| Kangana Ranaut | Jassi Gill | Richa Chadha | Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari |{with CC}

hi , i’m Ashwin Hello ,I’m Anjana Welcome to our channel Avalum Naanum Hot news is that Panga movie’s trailer has released Kangana has acted in this film We will be speaking in tamil so please switch on the captions And if you like this reaction Please dont forget to Like ,Share, Comment and Subscribe […]

Fans catfished a college basketball player into one of his worst games

– [Seth] Guys I want to talk about a college basketball player who thought that he had met a potential girlfriend online but was in fact getting cat fished by an entire rival fan base. (laughing) – It’s not funny it’s really sad. – What an idiot. – A nightmare. A nightmare scenario. – No […]

5 ‘Catfish’ Who Ghosted Their Victims 👻 Ranked: Catfish

– You don’t wanna do all this? – [Jay] No. – Okay, so you just disappear for three weeks and you couldn’t just tell me that you were okay, you couldn’t just told me that you, you know, I was worried thinking that something happened to you. Okay, so you could’ve just told me that […]