11 Birds With Amazing Beaks

lo all the analysts of weird things you have promptly washed many great unique words in previous videos like equals owls or Pelican with a beak capable of keeping 11 litters of water each kinds of birds has song strengths that could not be found in others the Bills of words make them one of […]

Priya Gill Movies List

Priya Gill Movies List

Amrinder Gill Movies List

Amrinder Gill Movies List

Do you want to read TWEETS from an Electric Eel? Preschoolers learn 50 facts about the ELECTRIC EEL

Hey. Welcome back. Clover here. Today I’m going to share the 50 most shockingly curious facts I know about the electric eel! The most curious fact of all is that electric eels are not even eels. They are knifefish more closely related to carp or catfish than any eel out there. I found it pretty […]

8 Most AMAZING Animals That LIVE After Death!

Hi, its Katrina! Death might seem like the end, but for some living organisms, that is not necessarily the case. From turtles without hearts to frogs without brains, here are the top 10 animals that live after death. 8. Brainless Frog Usually you’d consider an animal dead once its brain or head is removed, but […]

Top 10 Recent Signs Evolution is Real

Top 10 Recent Signs Evolution is Real When a living organism reproduces, genes are passed from one generation to the next, thus producing inherited traits in a species.   Evolution is a gradual process of changing in the genetic material of a population of organisms from one generation to the next.   Most changes are […]

Top 10 Largest Sharks In The History Of World

10 Largest Sharks In History Sharks have intrigued us for decades now and the more we get to know them, the more is the attraction! Those ocean monsters might be life threatening for humans but they have a grace about them that we can’t have enough of! You aren’t denying that, are you? Whether you […]

10 Walmart Foods You Should Absolutely NEVER BUY (Part 2)

a lot can be said about Walmart it’s a huge chain it has everything under one roof and prices are not that high compared to other stores but a lot can be said against it as well rather than joining the chorus of voices exposing everything that’s wrong with Walmart we’ll focus instead on food […]

Top 50 Shitty Shark Movies

Yeah, where’s the fucking shark movies at I’m Gonna charge movies short movies? There’s a shark movie. Oh, there’s another shark movie Oh another one and another one and another one. Shark movie, shark movie, shark movie Shark movie, shark movie, shark movie, shark movie Oh its a shark, a shark, a shark a shark! […]

10 Unbelievable Shark Attacks

10 Unbelievable Shark Attacks 10) Shark Fight The uncle of the year award had to go to Vance Flosenzier [flow-sen-zee-er] in 2001 when he battled a shark in order to retrieve his nephew’s arm from its stomach – after it had been bitten off in an attack. 8-year-old Jessie Arbogast was paddling in shallow waters […]