The art of preserving a blue marlin | Natural History Museum

So here we are in Hintze Hall, our newly renovated space. On this ground floor we have ten Wonder Bays, which show the sorts of collections that we’ve got. So on the east side we have we have extinct specimens, and on the west side we have extant specimens that are still in the world […]

Gill Hicks and the Australian of the Year exhibition

JEREMY LASEK: Gill Hicks from South Australia, our South Australian Australian of the Year. Please welcome Gill. Like all our finalists, Gill has an amazing, remarkable story. Gill was caught up in the 2005 London bombings. She was the last person pulled out alive from that awful scene. Gill, I guess if we reflect on […]

NOAH12 London – Yad2, Yavin Gill-More

classified only in the israeli market local Started from moving from print to online started in 2005 Not very different than other markets the print is Dead or coming to its end. Especially in terms of classified and Everything today is online Funnily enough for me is to say that [yaj] timer, which is the […]

I survived a terrorist attack. Here’s what I learned | Gill Hicks

I could never have imagined that a 19-year-old suicide bomber would actually teach me a valuable lesson. But he did. He taught me to never presume anything about anyone you don’t know. On a Thursday morning in July 2005, the bomber and I, unknowingly, boarded the same train carriage at the same time, standing, apparently, […]

Transforming the Global Fashion Supply Chain | Jag Gill

So it takes just two minutes for me to search select and purchase my dress online, but it takes 12 months to go from concept, to fabric sourcing, to finding the manufacturer, the trims that gets this dress to market. That’s minutes to purchase this dress, but months and if not years to manufacture it. […]

Let’s Try JELLIED EELS! feat. Fresh Mike Eats & Yumm3i

Hello from a sunny, summer London! I’m about to hop a bike to get some jellied eels. That’s a totally normal thing to say, right? All right, successful bike ride, and now I’m here with Mike and Amy, of Fresh Mike Eats, the YouTube channel. -So where are you guys taking me? -Jellied eels!! -Jellied […]


Hello Internet it is Barry here welcome to my virgin kitchen this is my mother, some of you may remember her from previous videos, I remember her because I came out of her. Today we are doing a food fear of jellied eels, jellied eels are basically eels that have been simmered in a spicy […]

Clinging to a Mudflat – Eel Pie Island

A friend of mine who used to have a studio here once described it in a really beautiful way that I’ve never forgotten and he said it’s an oasis of chaos in a desert of suburban calm and I think that kind of sums it up really well It’s just different being on an island […]

Jellied Eels, Anyone?

– [Narrator] So, these are jellied eels. Eels in jelly. – [Booming Voice] Jellied eels! – [Narrator] And these are ells with no jelly, like, loads of eels, drawers of eels! Hold on to your seats! This might get a bit weird. (quirky music) So, we’ve got this giant giggly bowl of jellied eels (animated […]

Camden, London | Exploring the Markets, Jellied Eels and Spotted Dick!

After an hour-long bus ride we have landed in Camden Town I didn’t know it was a town. I just thought it was a market, but maybe it’s got a town vibe I’m assuming there’s a market in it cause it is definitely Camden market right? Yeah, there’s definitely Camden Market That’s what the bus […]