Camping + Beach Fishing for 9 Days Straight! (Camp Catch Cook)

Alright, we just made it here Brought all of our stuff, I got all my rods Hey, this is Pablo What’s going on? Where’s your site, right here? YES! Here’s James And, uh, we’re here for a week! See what we can catch, we’re trying to catch fish to eat, we’re trying to hang out […]

Shore Fishing for bluefish / pêche du tassergal aux leurres !

So, I’m going to do my intro now because I couldn’t do it before There were many people around me I caught a fish after 4th or 5th cast I kind of forgot to do the intro So today I’m in the south of France in Cannes And now I’m fishing this mouth of river […]

Best Soft Lure Fishing | Kerala Fishing Big Wallago Catfish on Shad Lure !!!

Title : Best Soft Lure Fishing | Kerala Fishing Big Wallago Catfish on Shad Lure today I am using curly tail shad lure for fishing Wallago fish normally a freshwater fish today Morning I hope we will be blessed with a karanji fish.   Emy he casting on another side of the bridge. If I […]

Catfish Fishing on Topwater Belly Lure/ Wels Angeln auf Oberflächenköder/ Pesca de Siluro

– I saw something in the water, thought that there is something and then.. – Sure. – Another one was chasing at the opposite bank. – Really? – Not a big one. – Has a long body. – There is another one! – Can you pull him out? – It’s dangerous as he might unhook. […]

Counting Down to Trout. Twice. Uncut Fishing Shorts #11

Hello, dear friends, ladies and gentlemen, this is Uncut fishing and, well, I’m on a stream that you have seen before, if you have watched my videos. I will leave it up to you to guess which one that is. I can only hint that although it’s probably the worst of the videos that I […]

Trout Fishing the Largest River Yet. Uncut Fishing #26

Hello dear friends, ladies and gentlemen, this is Uncut Fishing and on this late morning, it’s probably about ten o’clock, I’m trying to turn things around in this pretty large river. I’ve been fishing it since half past seven. Oh, man, there was a take Wanted to arrive earlier but couldn’t. In any case, it […]

Singara Fish Hunting|| Freshwater Catfish Hunting|| Amazing Fishing video||Catfish hunting

اسلام علیکم امید ہے آپ سب ٹھیک ہونگے پیارے بھاہیو سبسکرائب بھی کر لیں اگر پہلے نہیں کیا تو

Digging for Small Stream Trout Gold, Part 2. Uncut Fishing #24

Hello dear friends, ladies and gentlemen. This is Part 2 of the longer segment I’m shooting today. Maybe it is appended to Part 1, in that case, you are somewhere in the middle of the video, if not, you will see the link to Part 1 in the upper right corner or in the description […]

Small stream autumn trout fishing with a spinning. Uncut Fishing #5

[Skip 2 minutes, if you want to go straight to the action] Hello dear friends, Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome, welcome to this magnificent autumn morning! Sorry. Morning… It’s an evening! The sun as you can see is not high, it’s setting. This evening is special because it’s the last evening of the trout fishing season […]

The Stream, the Trout and Some Bird Cherries. Uncut Fishing #13

Hello dear friends, ladies and gentlemen. This is Uncut Fishing. And today I’m using my favorite Mepps Aglia TW copper colored number 3 spinner in this shallow, dark stream. And obviously we are looking for trout. Surprise, surprise! 😉 It’s mid september, pretty late in the afternoon. That’s the first time I got out fishing […]