Surigao Trolling or “Subid” Catch Bariles or Yellowfin Tuna | Amazing Dolphin encounter

Good day AniMalupet viewers! Finally after two weeks we have a new episode that we will learn a lot of things. Today we will catch yellow fin tuna. This method of catching in our town is called Three of us will go to the ocean. They used the same method in catching tuna. We will […]

Frog Fishing – Best way to catch frogs

Now that’s how you do it. (Music) That is a big guy. I can’t get a good bite on it. There he is. Now that’s how you do it. So there you go. This is the way I do it. You ain’t got to chase them and it’s fun. It’s kind of like catching a […]

Honey bees and zebra fish come to a consensus, thanks to a little robotic intervention

In the wild, animals affect each others behavior all the time—prey species keep away from predators’ turf, insects jump away from browsing herbivores—they may not be communicating per se but they shape each others’ environment. To further explore this relationship, researchers used robots to mediate between two species unlikely to ever encounter each other in […]

Simple Strategies for Catfish Fishing

a few subscribers asked about catfish fishing so let’s talk about three tricks today. number one I found this point with the drop off to its left BIG catfish loves hanging out there this photo shows this spot even better the water is deep nearby, so I use that Asian style fishing pole for its […]

Att göra en klassisk Rügen Herring

always use a mask with chemical filter when making soft plastics I thought we would make a classic color now. We will not airbrush this one, it will just be different layers laminated with some glitter. This is one of my signature colors, called the “Rügen Herring” However! We will need some plastisol. Remember to […]

Best Soft Lure Fishing | Kerala Fishing Big Wallago Catfish on Shad Lure !!!

Title : Best Soft Lure Fishing | Kerala Fishing Big Wallago Catfish on Shad Lure today I am using curly tail shad lure for fishing Wallago fish normally a freshwater fish today Morning I hope we will be blessed with a karanji fish.   Emy he casting on another side of the bridge. If I […]

Can’t Catch Bass, Consoling Myself with Trout 배스 못 잡아서 신기낚시터 송어 낚시로 위로

Trout Fishing with Powerbait – Bottom Fishing – Trout fishing – Fishing with Adam

Best Lures for Trolling 5# – Red Gill 11,5 CM – Lure Review (Pros & Cons) – 4K

Hello everyone! Welcome to the 5th video reviewing my favourite trolling lures Life like imitation of a sandeel My favourite colours are pearl, blue pearl and red pearl You may watch the difference hue near the tail Red Gill is used as a teaser with a big lip diving hard lure Presentation is finished! It’s […]