Best Lures for Trolling 5# – Red Gill 11,5 CM – Lure Review (Pros & Cons) – 4K

Hello everyone! Welcome to the 5th video reviewing my favourite trolling lures Life like imitation of a sandeel My favourite colours are pearl, blue pearl and red pearl You may watch the difference hue near the tail Red Gill is used as a teaser with a big lip diving hard lure Presentation is finished! It’s […]

Project M: Pionieren op meerval [French Catfish]

Hey Simon. – oui, oui!? Bonjour! Now you’re allowed to tell them! What are we going to do in France? err…. Fishing for catfish * in horrible French* Fishing for wels catfish! My French is a little rusty, but you’ve got to try something right? And how? How? With the boat * silly French again* […]

My First Trout Fishing Trip in Korea! 덕봉낚시터 한국에서 첫 송어 낚시! 16수!

Unboxing + modifying Savage Gear 40cm Line-Thru Trout

hello everyone welcome at the white label YouTube channel today today we are unboxing the big 40 centimeter 70s line throughout this is the slow sink seatrout version this is 16 inches and weighs 665 grams I’m already used to fishing with this lure in Sweden and with the season starting in the Netherlands now […]

Super Sharks!

when you think of a shark what do you picture in your mind do you think of a big thing sticking out of the water or maybe a huge set of sharp teeth sharks are some of the most famous animals in the ocean but do you know what makes a shark shark well for […]

Fiiish Black Eel – Techniques et animations (with english and spanish subtitles)

Brand new sea lure for 2019 : the Black Eel 3 main characteristics on this lure The first one is the attachment system of the hook this is exactly the same system as the blackminnow the PH25 system A hidden and articulated hook manufactured by VMC the same as the size number 3 of the Blackminnow And last but not least probably the most important the inverted paddle We are at the beginning of the season, there’s just been a storm, however the water is pretty clear We are […]

Kayak Fishing: Rough Waters for Speckled Trout

It’s a little choppy out here. Strong current. Let’s see if we can’t catch something still though..>>Music Starts

Catching a huge pike on the savage gear 40cm linthrue trout with modified rig

Hallo allemaal, en welkom terug! De laatste keer heb ik een video gemaakt over het ‘riggen’ van de 40cm trout En de laatste keer dat ik ermee viste, had ik een mooi resultaat in de vorm van een dikke 117cm snoek! Er is zijn niet veel bijtsporen te zien op het aasje Enkel de sneden […]

Is there Trout??? …in Lake Chabot.

hey so what’s up guys first day of trout season going to Chabot they planted yesterday at 1:00 so I’m gonna go hit this place and see if I can catch some trout let’s go fishing guys Hey so what’s up guys we’re still here Chabot I know fish yet the sun’s coming up though […]