FTRTV – Visit to Nature Aquariums at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2017

Gday everyone and welcome back to first time reefer TV now I’ve just got off the plane from hawaii yesterday I’m in melbourne today we’re going to go check out the melbourne international flower and garden show you’re probably asking why the hell I’m at a flower and garden show but it’ll become very apparent […]


Okay, just a little quick intro to this one to kind of explain. What’s Happening, I’m sure you can all relate to how much this issue sucks And how we all go through it at a point in time in life, basically all my fish arrived [don’t] worry. They’re all fine That’s not where the […]

Build Your First Saltwater Fish Tank Today! (Updated 2018)

Welcome to “How to Build Your First Marine Aquarium: Part One. My name is Matthew and I am an aquarium enthusiast. I built my first freshwater aquarium almost 20 years ago, but my dreams were a bit saltier. If you were at all like me, then you wanted nothing more than a saltwater tank, but […]