BIG aquarium move

Uh Come on in if you could find a spot Ummmm I decided I would drain the tank down as far as I could be 375 gallons with 120 gallon sump this was going to be incredibly difficult to move without draining most of the water however I didn’t want to rip the tank apart […]

How to feed aquarium fish

Okay, so I think it’s fair to say that as an aquarium hobbyist one of the absolute best Aspects of the aquarium hobby is getting to feed your fish Of course not all tanks are like this and it’s not going to be as fun, but they’re equally fun in their own way I have […]


You know this past weekend was absolutely amazing as well as devastating let me tell you a quick story So you guys know this last weekend. I was at reefa Palooza in New York And before I left, I had a ton of things I needed to do including the past two videos that you […]

NEW FISH! I got them all!!

So you guys know over the past few weeks, I’ve been talking about a new Monster fish order that I’m putting in and a lot of these fish are gonna Go in the 2000 gallon aquarium here problem with this order though one. It’s the holiday season meaning It’s difficult to find cargo space on […]


I Need plants for the new Asian aquarium I’m also giving the 2000 gallon aquarium a huge makeover in the next couple of months So why should I buy? More plants for the Asian and aquarium when I have a ton of plants already Here in the 2000 gallon aquarium that I’m not really going […]