Another source of contamination of the Lower Chippewa River is trace amounts of pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceutical refers to any type of medicinal drug. This includes both prescription and non-prescription medications. Pharmaceuticals can enter waterways like the Lower Chippewa River by improperly disposing of old or unwanted medications. It is a common misconception that flushing old or […]

Illegal Drugs in Chicken Feathers

Past the Age of Miracles: Facing a Post-Antibiotic Age

in the keynote address last year the director-general of the World Health Organization warned that we may be facing a future in which many of our miracle drugs no longer work a post-antibiotic era means in effect an end to modern medicine as we know it things has come-to strep throat or child scratch knee […]

Superbugs in Conventional vs. Organic Chicken

one of the most concerning developments in medicine is the emergence of bacterial super resistance resistance to not just one class of drugs like penicillin but resistance to multiple classes of drugs so-called multi drug-resistant bacteria in the 2013 FDA retail meat report more than a quarter of the Salmonella found contaminating retail chicken breasts […]