Antibiotics, Antivirals, and Vaccines

Captions are on! Click CC at bottom right to turn off. Antibiotics. Antivirals. Vaccines. Have you ever wondered what they do or how they work? One thing to understand is that they can greatly help the work of your immune system. Your immune system is fascinating. We’re being very general here because this is not […]

Jennifer Herring, OOA Member

– My name’s Jennifer Herring, and I treat out of Inside Out Health Solutions in Toronto, Ontario. It’s really important to be a part of an organization like the OOA because it is the pathway of osteopathic manual therapy in Ontario going forward into the future. It’s a platform for continuing education and it’s a […]

Walker Gill Wylie, MD

Virtual Medicine: A Red Herring? Ezekiel J. Emanuel, MD, PhD

Thank you for joining us today for Dr. Zeke Emanuel’s webinar called, Virtual Medicine– a Red Herring. I’m Caitlin O’Neil, program manager for online education in the University of Pennsylvania’s department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy. Dr. Emanuel is chair of the Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy and Vice Provost for Global […]

Natural ADHD Solutions

Hey guys, Dr. Josh Axe here. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. Today we will be talking about natural ADHD solutions. I was diagnosed with ADHD and ADD every year almost since birth. In fact, my parents almost put me on medications because my symptoms were so bad. So this is something that’s sort of near […]

Best Docs Network Houston January 12 2014

It’s a call that’s telling me I’m here to serve. It’s a need to make a difference in the world. 24 hours day or night these healing hands will make it right. Looking in their eyes I know that I’m changing lives, changing lives, changing lives for the better, for the better, changing lives. Hello […]

How listening to communities can help save our oceans | Vik Mohan | TEDxExeter

Translator: Riaki Poništ Reviewer: Ellen Maloney One of the greatest doctors of the 19th Century, Sir. William Osler famously said, “If you listen to your patient, they will tell you the diagnosis.” As a practicing doctor myself, I’m constantly reminded of the importance of listening. But I also work in marine conservation with coastal communities […]