Recovery from Brain Injury Occurs for the Rest of a Person’s Life

The first is that a traumatic brain injury–yes, it is a big public health problem. It happens to 1.7 million Americans a year. The majority of these are mild traumatic brain injuries and are probably under-reported because people don’t get them in to be seen. The human brain is a wonderful organ that has an […]

Fish Consumption and Suicide

[Music] depression is a serious and common mental disorder responsible for the majority of suicides but as I already covered intakes of fruits vegetables and naturally occurring antioxidants have been found to be protectively associated with depression so they concluded it may be possible to prevent depression or to lessen its negative effects through dietary […]

Is Fish “Brain Food” for Older Adults?

“Is Fish “Brain Food” for Older Adults?” In the landmark Global Burden of Disease study, they compiled the top 20 causes of death and disability. Number one on the list was high blood pressure, two and three are smoke. The number four leading cause of loss of life and health was not eating enough fruit. […]

Fish oil to fight depression

Dr. Lanctot: I’m Dr. Krista Lanctot, and I’m a senior scientist here at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, and I’m a scientist in the Brain Sciences Research Program. We know that 47% of the people who have coronary artery disease will actually develop depressive disorders. What we don’t understand is some of the reasons why that […]