Catfish with Crabmeat

Of all the species Missourians go fishing for, catfish ranks high on the list. Since it’s found in urban lakes as well as country fishing holes, catfish may well be tops among Missouri anglers. And although it’s wonderful fried, today we’re going to dress catfish up for a special occasion…with a simple yet elegant recipe. […]

Scott Pauley on Trout Fishing in Missouri

We have a lot of different types of trout fishing in Missouri. One type is called the “put and take” type trout fishery. And that is a place like Bennett Spring, Montauk State Park, Roaring River – places that are great family destinations, great trout fishing that’s stocked daily from fish hatcheries, so there is […]

Trout Fishing in Missouri

It’s early morning on March first. In Missouri, that means one thing to several thousand die-hard anglers: it’s time to go catch some rainbows and brownies. The opening day of trout season; it’s an event that’s been a tradition in Missouri for over fifty years, attracting new and experienced anglers each year. But for many, […]

Proposed Catfish Regulations – Truman Reservoir and Lake of the Ozarks

Kevin Sullivan: The Missouri Department of Conservation and anglers have seen a noticeable decline in the numbers of large blue catfish at Truman and Lake of the Ozarks. We’re proposing regulations that will provide protection for medium size fish so that we’ll have more large fish for future generations, while still allowing anglers to take […]

How to Identify Asian Carp

There are many aquatic invasive species, including certain species of Asian carps, that pose a threat to the Great Lakes and other important aquatic resources. Silver and bighead carps were originally imported into the southern United States for use in aquaculture ponds in the 1970s. Through flooding they escaped and entered the Mississippi River and […]

Missouri Record Fish Stories – Brown Trout (2019 Update)

NARRATOR: Now this fish story is something real special. They’ll be no trophy hanging on the wall this time. Oh no. This is the story of Frank! Phil Lilley: Frank showed up under our dock. We have a lot of big trout come under the dock and eat, and my dock hand named him, “Frank”. […]

Missouri Record Fish Stories – Brown Trout

NARRATOR: When you catch a big fish, I mean a really big one; you don’t catch it just once. It’s a gift that just keeps on giving. (laughter) NARRATOR: Scott Sandusky’s gift was one of those sweet mysteries of Lake Taneycomo; a giant Brown Trout. Scott Sandusky: We had just put in that day so […]

Stuffed Trout

After a day at the river, nothing beats fresh fish for dinner. But if you want to try something different than the usual fried or grilled fish, I’ve got an incredible recipe for you: trout stuffed with crabmeat! Bone your fresh trout, but do not separate the halves. To prepare the stuffing, soak bread in […]