How Do Fish Breathe? | Animal Science for Kids

Squeaks and I are adopting a pet goldfish! He lives in a fish tank, and he’s a great swimmer! In fact, this little guy’s whole body is really suited to life in the water. He has great fins to help him swim, and eyes that can stay open in the water. These special body parts […]


Captions are on! Click CC at bottom right to turn off. Have you ever heard of the ich? The disease, that is, that can afflict aquarium fish? I will never forget the first time my fish caught Ich. While it’s called ich, it stands for this. So, ich, it is. It’s actually caused by a […]

Injecting Yourself with Killer Bacteria

Whether they’re talking about people or animals, looks can be deceiving. The most innocent-looking critters can pack a huge punch. Take this tiny fish. Pretty cute, right? Or maybe it’d look like a tasty snack if you were a predator in a reef. At least, until it reveals a pair of sharp fangs in its […]