Green Moray Eels Everything kids need to know in 3 min/Under Sea G/Moray Eels look Dangerous Not

♪ Undersea G ♪ ♪ Undersea G ♪ – Was that Moray eel green, or was he brown? The truth is that most of green Moray eels are not green, they are brown. Green Moray eels secrete a layer of toxic mucus over their skin which has a yellow hue. Yellow and brown make green. […]


I filmed this during week of Christmas, 2015 while diving off the shore of the Divi Flamingo Beach Resort & Casino in Bonaire. During one of the many night dives during the week, I observed a Spotted Moray Eel hunting and later capture his or her prey. This was pretty exciting to watch.


Eels might look like snakes but they are actually fish. There are over 400 species of eels. During my recent trip to Bonaire, I was fortunate to observe quite active Spotted Moray Eels, Green Moray Eels, and a Sharptail Eel. I was able to capture some of the Eels hunting and capturing their prey. Moray […]

Catch n’ Cook Big NASTY Moray EEL!

What is going on, guys? So here is the scoop– I came out to this beautiful spot to fish a couple days ago. Just doing a little simple reef fishing. Just a beautiful, beautiful area. And I started catching a bunch of little reef fish called Wrasse. And while I was fishing, I saw this […]

Green Moray Eel Attacks The Lens amazing video

Whitemouth Moray Eel – 3:12 – Nature Meets Paper

did you know that eels don’t have scales hi I’m Brandon and welcome to nature meets paper the place where we go on an adventure to discover the world of marine biology today we’re going to be discovering the white mouth moray eel are you ready let’s dive in the white mouth moray eel can […]