Gill Hicks and the Australian of the Year exhibition

JEREMY LASEK: Gill Hicks from South Australia, our South Australian Australian of the Year. Please welcome Gill. Like all our finalists, Gill has an amazing, remarkable story. Gill was caught up in the 2005 London bombings. She was the last person pulled out alive from that awful scene. Gill, I guess if we reflect on […]

Behind the scenes: Preparing a hīnaki (eel trap) for an iwi exhibition

Mark: The object behind me, or taonga, is called a hīnaki, or eel trap. It’s usually put across a river or a stream, and at certain times of the year the eels migrate, and they get to the end of this hīnaki and they can’t go anywhere else. So originally it would have been tied […]

Amazing River Fossil hunting trip March 2016 with Mosasaur Shark Mastadon

hello YOUTUBE! We are here at the river going to go fossil hunting see what we can find. And I was expecting the water to be flowing and it’s moving pretty good right over there but it’s not moving is not as high as when I thought it was so it’ll be pretty easy I’ve […]

Melissa Japan Vlog – Day 6 – Tsukiji Fish Market, Ueno Park & Museum

[Music] [Music] there are sushi shop everywhere this is heaven for you Cecille over the furthest salt are suppressed tasteful various kind of fish himself [Music] they also saw various process seafood [Music] look at the strawberry and it’s by it [Music] they also have white strawberry but look at the price it’s all expenses […]

“Tsukiji Fish Market, Akihabara, Ghibli Museum” Misocutlet’s photos around Odaiba, Japan (tokyo)

The Statue of Liberty of Tokyo by TravelPod member misocutlet Tsukiji Fish Market by TravelPod member misocutlet Ghibli Museum by TravelPod member misocutlet Ghibli Museum by TravelPod member misocutlet Life-Size Gundam in Odaiba by TravelPod member misocutlet Rainbow Bridge by TravelPod member misocutlet Feet of Gundam by TravelPod member misocutlet Gundam by TravelPod member misocutlet […]