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Brooke Plays Catfish & Shun Snatches Wigs – Check Yourself: S5 E15 | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

You’re watching “Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood.” Check yourself. Season five. You’ll be watching us… Watch the show… For the very first time. You’ll be getting our natural… And honest reactions. We’re watching it… With you. The scene you’re about to see is two women enjoying themselves and wetting their palates, and two other women wetting […]

Chubby Mermaid

Круглолицая Русалка “Queenfish” Emezie доступна на iTunes и Кто-то бросил камень, и он попал прямо в тебя. Затем ты упал в воду без сознания. Злые пираньи уже собирались сожрать тебя… Но я вовремя спасла тебя. Новинка! Мармелад “Гамми” со вкусом халапеньо и сыра Королева рыб Сом Я люблю его! А я люблю мармеладных мишек! […]

Monterey Bay Aquarium

(mellow music) (upbeat music) – A visit to Monterey is not complete without spending some time at the Monterey Bay Acquarium. Let’s go inside. (upbeat music) – One of the things that is really unique about the Monterey Bay Acquarium is first of all our location. We like to say the ocean is our largest […]

Why Sharks Weren’t Added to Minecraft

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Cattaraugus Creek Steelhead Trout Fishing

(eerie symphonic music) (upbeat dance music) – [Fisherman] Now so we have our main line to a float. – [Man] To a float. – [Fisherman] To a barrel swivel, to a shot line, to our lead to our hook. (epic music) Unbelievable fight, look at that. – [Man] I’ll tell you what man, we’re gonna […]

Catfish and the Bottlemen – What’s In My Bag?

Hello, my name is Van from Catfish & the Bottlemen Hello, I’m Bondy from Catfish & the Bottlemen We’re at Amoeba record store in Hollywood and this is What’s in My Bag. So Bondy got me into Father John Misty, this dude. ’cause you’d just be playing them on repeat in the dressing rooms all […]

Teleport Trouble Part 2! Nerf Battle in the Aquarium!

[ [quirky music]>>Hey, careful!>>Careful of what?>>I’m fixing the teleport machine.>>Ugh. Not that thing again. Remember what happened last time we used that thing?>>Yeah, it was fun!>>I got stuck in the desert last time!>>You won’t this time. Look what I did.>>What, you made it worse? Is that even possible?>>No, I didn’t make it worse! Check it […]

Baby Shark | Best 20 Minutes of Kids Songs

Baby Joy Joy Baby Joy Joy Baby shark do do do do do do do do Baby shark do do do do do do do do Baby shark do do do do do do do do Baby shark do do do Mama shark do do do do do do do do Mama shark do do […]

Roland JD-Xi cover: Union Jack – Two Full Moons And A Trout (Caspar Pound Remix)

Welcome to another recreation of a classic Trance track. Originally produced by ‘Union Jack’… …titled ‘Two Full Moons And A Trout’. This cover is based on the Remix that Caspar Pound did. Again, I only used the Roland JD-Xi to sequence and produce it, all you hear comes just from it. It starts with the […]