Cleaning a Dirty Turtle | Critter Fixers: Country Vets

[music playing] VERNARD HODGES: Hey, how are you? MAYIA BRIGHTON: Hey, good. How are you doing? All right. You doing all right? Good to see you. Yes, sir. So what we got going on? MAYIA BRIGHTON: So Mr. Yurtle the turtle– VERNARD HODGES: Yurtle the turtle– My husband, he found this yellow-bellied slider turtle in […]

World Turtle Day: A Day Worth Shellabrating | Nat Geo Wild

NARRATOR: May 23 marks the celebration of world Turtle Day, or shellebration if you’re cheeky. Scientifically, it could even be a skelebration since the turtle shell is actually part of the skeleton and made up of over 50 bones. But enough shenanigans, Turtle Day sheds light on more serious matters. It was founded in 1990 […]

Shark Awareness Day: It’s Totally Jawsome | Nat Geo Wild

[instrumental music playing] NARRATOR: On Shark Awareness Day, these ancient fish are given a much deserved spotlight. Awe inspiring and fear provoking, sharks are among the most popular and misunderstood animals on Earth. And while names like hammerheads, bulls, and great whites are often the most recognized, there are hundreds more. In fact, over 500 […]

Facts: The Wolf Eel

The wolf eel is not a true eel. It is a species of wolf fish that lives in the North Pacific Ocean. Wolf eels are bottom dwelling fish that can inhabit rocky shorelines down to 740 ft (226 m) deep. They prefer enclosed spaces, like rocky crevices. They sometimes have to compete with octopuses for […]

Tonic Immobility in Tiger Sharks | SharkFest

Welcome to Tiger Beach. NARRATOR: Eli recognizes some of the tigers, but one shark stands out. Her swift movements keep Eli and Matt on their toes. [grunt] Whoa! NARRATOR: They name her Jitterbug. Time and again, Eli must risk a bite to redirect her with his expert handling skills. [bleep] Yeah, she definitely has the […]

Sea Trout in Rivers – Spin fishing

A Large Catfish Is a Good Sign | Monster Fish

still strong this is crazy looking fish check it out big wall ago catfish and the first thing you notice about this fish is its huge mouth these catfish they’re big predators the upper and lower jaw hundreds of teeth pointed backwards so anything that goes in that mouth it’s not coming out long slender […]

Moray Eel vs. Whitetip Reef Shark | Shark vs. Predator

[music playing] NARRATOR: Moray eels get big, with one species reaching 11 feet long. They lurk among the reefs and hide in crevices, launching snatch and grab attacks from the rocky layers. They bite with enormous force, and almost anything is fair game. White tips and eels co-exist on the reef. But divers in Indonesia […]

The World’s Most Venomous Fish | Australia’s Deadly Monsters

[music playing] NARRATOR: Exploiting flooded estuaries, the stonefish is an unlikely predator. An awkward swimmer, he’s simply not built for the chase. Just getting from point A to point B is an arduous task, so actively chasing down prey is not a viable option. This monster’s approach is more passive aggressive. Camouflage is his strong […]