Aquascaping TUTORIAL – My Westworld style nano aquarium

BRAKE?? Maybe you need a BREAK, so you won’t misspell the words!

ALL MY AQUARIUMS TOUR 2019 (most of them empty 🙄) +10K Winner and NEW 25K Giveaway Announcements!

hey what’s up guys and welcome here, season 2 on my youtube channel. Great to be back and great to see your smiling faces and it’s super awesome to see Logan. His face right behind the camera so everyone say “hi” to Logan in the comment section below. Guys I’m super excited for this video […]

Aquascaping a DBL bottom Aquarium – Step by Step River Stream Flow Tank aquascape tutorial

Hey guys, today we have a really cool project. I’m here with a couple of my friends we’re scaping this flow tank. You’ve probably already seen the concept from Panta Rhei. We have a double bottom here. There is a strong water flow inside the tank and this is going to be some sort of […]