Bull Red Fishing with Popping Corks on the Neuse River North Carolina

Come on fish. There is a fish.>>Yes sir. What’s he doing? What the heck is it? It’s a sail cat He’s fixing to wake up No he aint a baby that aint no baby look at that pig Great Day! Let’s go thenPogey just flipped right there.That sun is gonna come out they might come […]

North Carolina Trout Fishing – Alleghany County

Hey guys its Middle Tree Outdoors again, we up here at rifle range and show you how how we fish a little bit. We got the purple PowerBait worm right here we’ll try it. We got some live bait crawlers, night crawlers we’re gonna try to get you some film of us while we’re fishing, […]

First Fishing Video! Fishing for Trout

What’s up guys! I’m so excited today! It’s a beautiful day and getting to do my first fishing video! A couple days ago they restocked some trout in this river close to my home and so I’ve only caught one trout in my life. I am hopefully gonna be able to change that and be […]

Fishing Minute Tip: My Favorite Trout Setup

Hey there! You have closed captions on! As you may have noticed already, I verify and do random comments through all my videos Hope you enjoy these random “easter eggs.” 🙂 Did you know the F5 is for Family, Fitness, Firearms, Finances, and Fun!? Me neither….wait…. Hey guys! Hope you’re doing well! Welcome to another […]

Electrofishing Fish Shocking Explained

Fisheries biologists with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission use a technique known as electrofishing or shocking to sample fish populations in public waters in North Carolina from the mountains to the coast. To electrofish, biologists use an electrofishing boat equipped with a generator and a special control box to send electrical current into the […]