★ FISHY DUTCH FOOD! HERRING! MAATJESHARING Sprig Barton! Holland Netherlands Tourist Travel

Hi! Welcome to Sprig Barton’s going to eat some Dutch Food for you. I’ve got more Dutch food! Yes, I’ve got some haring. Some Dutch herring! hehehaa, Yes! I’ve got some Dutch flags! It’s haring! Maatjes are little bitty harings about this big between 150 and 160 grams The kind we like to eat because […]

Haarlem, Netherlands: Herring and Heritage

Tourists Try Dutch Herring

Amsterdam Calling…so pick up! The Dutch have quite a few foods that are unique to their country. And one in particular is probably the most devisive between people either loving it or hating it. and you know what that is?…. Herring! So we thought it would be a fun idea to ask to ask some […]

Fresh Seafood Linguine | Bart’s Fish Tales

Hi guys welcome to the new episode of Fish Tales and today I am at the wadden sea this amazingly beautiful piece of the Netherlands where the tides are extremely high and extremely low and this is of course low tides and I’m going to make you a Pasta cockles and it’s the same as […]