NEW PACIFIC VISIONS WING at The Long Beach Aquarium Tour | Theekholms

Hey guys in this video I’m going to take you through the new Pacific visions wing of the Aquarium of the Pacific here in Long Beach California this building costs fifty three million dollars who’s designed as a biomorphic structure that invokes the Pacific Ocean the entrance is a large room where the reefs and […]

NEW NANO Saltwater Aquarium | Setting Up My Reef Tank

Aquariums take a lot of dedication, and fish should not be thought of as disposable pets. Please don’t rely solely on my information or replicating my methods or setup. If you’re considering starting an aquarium, please consult a professional at an aquatic store, and consider joining online aquatics forums where you can ask questions and […]

How to Set Up a New Aquarium – Fishless Cycling – DrTim’s Aquatics

NOTE: As of Nov 2016 use 4 drops per gallon of our ammonium chloride not 1 drop per gallon as mentioned in this video NOTE: As of Nov 2016 it is 4 drops per gallon not 1 drop

New saltwater aquarium SET UP | The King of DIY

Oh That was risky business. I know the tank looks really yellow and stuff It’s actually because I’m just using a temporary light to light the tank But I think I upset somebody and somebody else is hungry. All right, guys your new home is ready today We’re moving out the lionfish as well as […]

How to Buy fish for Aquarium

An aquarium is like a holiday at home. Colorful activity inside the aquarium and the mysterious beauty of the underwater world will distract you from everyday’s stress. Keeping an aquarium provides plenty of variation, is fun, and there is always something exciting to watch at home. Natural aquarium setup and maintenance causes little work if […]