Behind the scenes: Preparing a hīnaki (eel trap) for an iwi exhibition

Mark: The object behind me, or taonga, is called a hīnaki, or eel trap. It’s usually put across a river or a stream, and at certain times of the year the eels migrate, and they get to the end of this hīnaki and they can’t go anywhere else. So originally it would have been tied […]

Trout hatchery management: Trout stripping

Trout hatchery management: 01 Stripping trout Jeremy: Kia ora, ko Jeremy tēnei, ko Tim tēnei We’re Taupo fishery rangers for the Department of Conservation. We’re doing our stripping of trout today, to supply the children’s fish-out pond. Tim: There’s about 15,000 eggs roughly, and we’ll aim for about 6,500 fish that we will grade out […]

Zoo Tales – Quirky and curious longfin eels

Hi guys, my name’s Georgia and I’m one of the keepers here at Auckland Zoo and today we’re going to feed our longfin eels some lovely chicken. Let’s test it out. So, they can certainly smell it. They have an extremely powerful bite and small, but very sharp teeth that latch onto prey. Whoa and […]

Trout hatchery management: Shocking trout ova to ensure healthy trout

Hatchery Management: Shocking ova to ensure healthy trout G,day, so this stage of the process is called shocking. After 18-21 days we do what’s called shocking which is basically, we get a tray full of ova and we siphon them out of the basket in the top tanks into a second basket on the ground. […]

Raglan Eel Farm – New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year – Backpacker Guide New Zealand

So today I’m pretty pumped because we are going to visit a sustainable eel farm. I really like anything to do with animals I like them so much and I like fish and I like snakes so this is a fish snake and this is an animal and this is about sustainability and all of […]

Eel Stuck In Man’s Butt Eats Him From The Inside

trying their requirement to surgery after the after outsmart your stock up his box and basically britt through his colon on thirty nine-year-old man that was was doing a bit of drinking when he concluded that it might be nice to let allotted swap deals slim office rectum it has to say it darn near […]

What is the Best Source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids? How to Choose a Fish Oil Supplement

We often hear about how important it is to take omega-3’s, but there is a lot of misinformation about the best sources of omega-3’s. Omega-3 is an essential fat, meaning that the human body cannot produce it, so it must be consumed through food. Hi, I’m Blanche Shaheen with Antler Farms and I’m going to […]

What Does Omega-3 Fish Oil Do? The Benefits of Antler Farms New Zealand Fish Oil by Thomas DeLauer

It’s Thomas DeLauer with Antler Farms. And today we’re talking about Omega-3s and fish oil. We’re talking about what they really do in the body and how you can start sourcing the right kind of Omega-3s and how you can understand what truly is in an Omega-3 product. Because they’re not all created equal. See, […]