Ellen and Portia Encountered Shark While Paddle Boarding

I’m very happy. I’m very grateful for lots of things in my life. We just had a break for our holiday break. Did you have a wonderful break? A nice relaxing one? [CHEERING] I did, too. I had a nice relaxing break. We had two weeks off, and Portia and I stayed home the entire […]

How to Set Up a New Aquarium – Fishless Cycling – DrTim’s Aquatics

NOTE: As of Nov 2016 use 4 drops per gallon of our ammonium chloride not 1 drop per gallon as mentioned in this video NOTE: As of Nov 2016 it is 4 drops per gallon not 1 drop


We still have a long way to go No way We should take the flight Take care of Tsuya Sion Canon We need to give up our night The world is over the glass wall Aquarium It’s beautiful but we can’t go back there I just capture it in the phone Blue right Aquarium We […]


June sure has been a busy month in the world of gaming, with Keanu Reeves stealing the show at E3, Norman Reedus creeping us out with his baby foetus and amidst all of that, some pretty stellar games dropping for the Nintendo Switch. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the best from […]

GHOST SHARK 2: URBAN JAWS Concept Trailer (HD)

[Music] but me there is a sharp in the toilet the shock of the toilet look Jeannie we’ve talked about this and you wash your hands sweetie you gonna make mommy very late now wash your goddamn hands I got a professional in they call him the ghost shark hunter they say he hasn’t bathed […]

Masha and The Bear – Gone Fishing! (Episode 8)

Oh, hi there! Show me a trick! Bear! Look, I can do it too! Oops. These little worms are so great! They’re moving… Bear, did I catch a fish? Did you catch a fish? When can I catch a fish? Where can I catch a fish? Why can’t I catch a fish? What fish can […]

Pöpcørn | Recipes with The Swedish Chef | The Muppets

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How to Make Gluten-Free Onion Rings with Chris Kronner

Or we’ll toss the onion rings themselves in a little bit of corn starch. shit, I forgot the fucking buttermilk. [MUSIC] I’m Chris Kronner from Kronner Burger in Oakland, California, and today we are going to make gluten free onion rings. One onion should make enough onion rings for two people. In addition to the […]

FishTank Official Trailer

[ Narrator ] Arisce, wow. Now she’s a mouthful. ( chuckles ) She’s got a mouth full. You have a man at home. You just went on a date, and you’re chasing– Another one. I don’t get it. How is it that I’m having such a hard time to even meet someone. Fuck him! And […]