The Best Fish Fry in Milwaukee Is in the Basement of an American Legion — Open Road

(upbeat Southern guitar music) – [Bill] I’m Bill Addison, Eater’s ever-roving national critic. My next stop: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, perched on a concave bend on Lake Michigan’s western shore. The city is synonymous with breweries, though its culinary ambitions stretch well beyond beer. But one deep-seated tradition that makes Milwaukee a special place to eat is […]

Bloodied diver pulled from water with ‘skin hanging off’ after terrifying shark attack

A spearfisherman who says he was bitten by a bull shark in Florida had a stroke of luck when nurses on a nearby fishing charter came to his aid. The man was diving off Key Biscayne when he was bitten on the left forearm and hand, leaving him “mangled” and with a shredded wetsuit, according […]

Black Women in Pageants, a Penis Fish Invasion & White Power at a Football Game | The Daily Show

Let’s kick it off with some exciting news from the world of black girl magic. History being made after the new Miss World crowned over the weekend. Watch this. Miss World 2019 is… -(drumroll) -(cheering) -…Jamaica! -(screaming) -(applause, cheering) MAN: Toni-Ann Singh of Jamaica won the top honor at the Miss World contest on Saturday. […]