Catching and Cooking King Crab – Gordon Ramsay

They’re big, they’re ugly, and they’re coming to get us. It’s the invasion, of the monster King Crab. King Crab is the largest crustacean in the world, And they’re heading for Britain. GORDON: Norway has a massive problem with these huge, giant King Crabs. They’re just breeding, and breeding, and breeding, reducing the fish stocks, […]

Molahus – Fly Fishing in Norway – Salmon & Trout

We are at Kuusamo We got camper from here Original plan was to stay at Kuusinki for one night and try to fish trout but the weather sucks so we decided to go straight to Norway 8-hours still to go It`s 7.50am at the moment We left late last night and still long way to […]

Sea Trout in Rivers – Spin fishing

Gannets Diving for Fish

Perhaps no other bird masters air and water like a gannet! With a long narrow six-foot wingspan, a gannet can hover, glide, soar and dive, but it’s beneath the surface of the water that they really come into their own. With the Atlantic offering up such bounty, the constant fishing trips barely make a dent […]

Why Atlantic fish are invading the Arctic

As many as half of Earth’s species may be already migrating to escape warming temperatures. Plants are inching northward and so are many animals. The Arctic ecosystem is particularly vulnerable to invasion. Scientists aboard this research ship are hunting the most important fish in the Arctic: polar cod. Mixed in with the Arctic fish are […]

Samskip Animation – Fish!

At Samskip, our goal is for you to enjoy your food as freshly as possible. Take codfish.. Which is caught in the north of Norway. The codfish arrives at our cold store where we unload and inspect it before packing the codfish for immediate loading into one of our temperature controlled containers. Our vessel then […]

Sustainable Aquaculture

One third of our global population is actually dependent for food on our oceans and seas. The environmental problems associated with commercial fishing in Europe are catching other species than what is intended kor catching larger amounts than what the fish populations can sustain. We have to look at something beyond fishing because I don’t […]

Panfried Cod and Ratatouille | Bart’s Fish Tales

Hi FoodTube! I’m Bart of Bart’s fishtales and look at this beautiful beautiful scenery. I’m in the north part of Norway, the Lofoten. It’s a group of islands where the catch may be the most delicious cod in the world in these months, the winter months. We’re going to make pan fried Cray which is […]

Now Go Build with Werner Vogels EP3 – Bergen

(dramatic violin) – [Werner] Public opinion is gradually changing, but, they’re still many of them are skeptical. We did have issues, in the 80’s and early 90’s with diseases and the use of antibiotics. And the public opinion is shaped by some of these problems. The situation now is very different. Our planet and our […]

Volvo Trucks – Transporting live fish through the Norwegian fjords – Driver’s World (EP12)

The nature is magnificent, though the weather is often bad in Western Norway. Traveling on these roads is fascinating. It’s a long way down to the sea. There isn’t much to catch the cars that end up on the edge. Colliding with a big truck here, would be tragic. We are now on the ferry […]