Belize Nurse Shark & Me – Aggressive or Friendly?

What’s up? Hope everybody is doing well. I spent a week diving in Belize and frequently ran into this Nurse Shark. The unique mark between his eyes helped me identify him daily. At first, the Nurse Shark was pretty shy. And it was hard to obtain nice close ups as he swam pass me. Sorry […]

“Practice Standards for Critical Care Nurse Education” by Fenella Gill for OPENPediatrics

Welcome to the Nursing World Shared Practice Forum. I’m Marcie Brostoff, Director of Clinical Education and Informatics and Chief Nurse Informatics Officer at Boston Children’s Hospital. I am privileged today to introduce Doctor Fenella Gill from Princess Margaret Hospital for Children, Lecturer and Researcher at Curtin University. Doctor Gill, please tell us about yourself. Thank […]

Nurse Sharks | SHARK ACADEMY

They don’t work in a hospital but they might draw blood! I’m Jonathan Bird and this is Shark Academy! The Nurse shark is a somewhat sluggish shark that is often seen resting on the bottom. Far from being a medical professional, this shark’s common name is derived from the Old-English word for a “sea floor” […]

A Grandma Ate Cookie Dough For Lunch Every Week. This Is What Happened To Her Bones.

A Grandma Ate Cookie Dough Every Week For Lunch. This Is What Happened To Her Bones. CC is a 78 year old woman, presenting to the emergency room with night sweats, hot flashes, and insomnia. She tells the admitting nurse that she had unintentionally lost at least 25 pounds over the last 2 months. CC […]

Am I A Fish?

♪♪ Put him over there by the fish tank. We’ve got to get back into surgery. Copy that. Alright Mr. Warner, you’re going to sit here while the grogginess wears off and we’ll come to get you in a little bit. Can you nod if you understand me? And that counts. [Snorts] What? [Mumbling] Where […]