Cooking with Chris Chung – Steamed Fish

Hi, I’m Chris. Today I’m going to show you how to steam fish. Steam fish is always the centerpiece at a Chinese banquet. In order to do it correctly and with flair, for some people, it may take years and years of practice. But do not fear, I will teach you some simple tricks today. […]

Terrifying Super-Fish Reeled In By Fisherman From Seas Near Site Of Fukushima Nuclear Accident

This giant fish was pulled out of the ocean near the site of the Fukushima nuclear accident. The vast fish looks prehistoric with its gaping mouth and vast head. Japanese fisherman Hirasaka Hiroshi tweeted a photo of himself with his catch saying it was a wolffish. He wrote: “It was worth flying to Hokkaido twice […]

One Sly Fish | What Sam Sees

[Music] oceans are filled with so much wildlife creatures big and small the exotic and beautiful to the wonderfully weird hey it’s me Sam wouldn’t it be so cool if you could change colors well there’s a fish in there that can not only change its colors but acts just like a chameleon and can […]