Man vs Fish – Tuna Tossed 30m at Tunarama 2013

The 2013 Tunarama festival in Port Lincoln, South Australia can mean only one thing – tuna tossing. Think of the hammer throw, but instead of a heavy ball on a chain competitors launch a large endangered saltwater fish. Several fishing companies provided the 8kg bluefin tuna’s for the event, as Port Lincoln celebrated it’s status […]

Real Life Shark Boy With 526 Teeth (True Story)

You ever have a tooth ache? They can be very painful and distracting, an on-going throbbing pain that just won’t quit. And of course, deep down inside you know that the only way to get rid of it is a visit to the dentist, which means shots, drills, sharp pokes in your tender gums… tooth […]

Shad Fish

fwoosh soowf dee daa doo daaaa boo ba da doo ba ba do ba de deeee eee ahh woo waaa Ok, now for some better captions… Here Here come Here come the Here come the fish Up, Up, Up, Down a he-ha Top Bottom Lerft Wright These fish can-a fly surprisingly well. Ow! Ow! That […]