Counting Fish | Simple Math For Kindergarteners | Hippy Hoppy Show

Hoppy look my feet look funny in the water yeah it’s like another world down there soo blue but look if you try to pick up the water with your hands the water stops being blue woow Ouch look a fish just bit my toe now that’s a second one and a third you know […]

อลังการงานปู ดูตลาดปลาฮอกไกโดกัน

Come on in! Very delicious! Bearhug Channel Welcome to Bearhug Channel. Welcome to Sapporo. It is in Hokkaido. – Sapporo is in Japan. – Like a district.. – Hokkaido is on an island.. – Enough. We’re about to visit Nijo Fish Market, which is only 10-minute walk from Sapporo Station. So it’s probably crowded. We’ll […]

Huge Salmon Fish Cutting & Sashimi │ Garak Fish Market, Seoul Korea │ Seafood in Korea

Norwegian Salmon Garak Fish Market / Seoul Korea (30 years of tradition, 1st floor) lI-woI susan / Myung-ga susan Myung-ga susan Octopus King Crab Trying to escape Hello there 🙂 Top Quality Snow Crab Lobster They usually sell gravlax(DILL-CURED SALMON) sashimi / The price varies depending on quantity. But I’m having raw salmon sashimi today. […]