Закусочный торт из сельди с шампиньонами / Herring and mushroom cake recipe ♡ English subtitles

Hello! My name is Elena Bazhenova. I’m glad to welcome you at my kitchen! Do you want to impress your friends for the holidays? Make an unusual dish instead of “Herring under a fur coat”: Herring and mushroom cake with a wafer sheets. This cold salad is very tasty. We need: 200g fillet of salted […]

How to cook Tilapia Fish Curry | Indian Style Fish Curry Recipe

yeah how everyone please welcome and join me easy steps of cooking in Indian and Punjabi style I’m going to cook today a fish curry use the fish tilapia it’s a boneless skinless and I can show you zoom in individually wrapped and are frozen I’m going to use a six of these packs then […]

Super Easy Fish Pie | Jamie Oliver – AD

Hi guys, ok, were going to make a super easy and delicious italian style fish pie. You’re going to love it and I’m going to bigging up my beautiful bake ware range So nice thing about this recipe is it’s really simple to do. I’ve got some mashed potato here just simply mashed, boiled, peeled […]