Catfishing My HUSBAND MATT to See if HE LiES! (Surprising Secret to Reveal Truth)

I cannot let nuts right now I just can’t fish my husband and now I’m going to secretly meet him you know I think you might have the wrong idea hold on the worst the worst possible situation right now whoa hold up Sam Pam no this is not okay right now look at this […]

🦈🐊Mega Shark Versus Crocosaurus | 2010 Action Comedy🐊🦈

Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus | 2009 | Debbie Gibson

The Truth Comes Out ft. Zeke Thomas | Catfish: The TV Show | MTV

Are we being stood up again? I don’t know. I don’t understand. Oh. Hi. Hi. Hey! It’s him. It is Ray’quon, okay. I cannot … What’s up? Nev. Ray’quon. Nice to meet you. You too. I think you know who this is. Okay. Truth. What’s up? Do you not want to hug me? Like, I’m […]

‘Catfish’ Excuses That Are Obvious Lies | MTV Ranked

– At one point, Sarah wanted to meet. This meeting never happened because she had a seizure and had to be rushed to the hospital. Not long after, apparently her ex abducted her, but she called me the next day saying she had escaped. – Great excuse, Sarah. What the hell? – That is where […]

THE ROMANCE SCAM: Are You Talking to a Catfish?

hey guys I’m to Danielle from the Sacramento better business bureau and this is torch talk when I talk to victims of romance scams they say things like I can’t believe I fell for that but the truth is you fall victim to scams because scam artists are good at what they do and victims […]

This ‘Textbook Catfish’ Takes Creepy To The Next Level | The Sneak Peek Show | MTV

– Hi there. I’m Amy Pham, and welcome to “The Sneak Peak Show.” Today, I’ve got something special for ya: an early look at tonight’s “Catfish” special. Oh, and grab a sweater ’cause this special is gonna send shivers up your spine. It’s a countdown of the creepiest catfish Nev and Max have ever encountered. […]

The Iconic Catfish Moment You Don’t Remember | The Sneak Peek Show | MTV

– Hi, I’m Amy Pham Welcome to The Sneak Peek Show. The show where I give you sneak peeks of your fav MTV shows. We like to keep things simple around here. Straight forward. While that’s what we like, it’s certainly not what on Catfish likes. In fact things on Catfish often get so complicated, […]

Not So Slick | Catfish: The TV Show | MTV

Park is about six minutes away. Oh, who’s this? That’s Courtney? Oh [bleep]. What the [bleep]? Uh oh. Is she trying to say something to us? What is she doing? Aubri, come here. I have to tell you something. She says she has to say something to you. Aubri. I don’t want you to go […]

A Serious Safari | Catfish: The TV Show | MTV

– I just hate that (beep) guy, so I hope… – [Nev] You’ve seen him before? – I’ve seen him before and that better not be him. – Wait, how do you, where have you seen that guy before? – Just, like, living in L.A. – No, seriously? – I swear it better not be […]