Small Stream – Big Trout

Nice evening. Yeah, fantastic Let’s hope we’ll see some fish as well. Yeah, if there are any The stream looks nice but it’s very small There’s one Cool There he was So there are fish in the stream after all. Yeah It’s nice. Bigger than i expected Nice Maybe try a danica imitation He’s up […]

Counting Down to Trout. Twice. Uncut Fishing Shorts #11

Hello, dear friends, ladies and gentlemen, this is Uncut fishing and, well, I’m on a stream that you have seen before, if you have watched my videos. I will leave it up to you to guess which one that is. I can only hint that although it’s probably the worst of the videos that I […]

Trout Fishing the Largest River Yet. Uncut Fishing #26

Hello dear friends, ladies and gentlemen, this is Uncut Fishing and on this late morning, it’s probably about ten o’clock, I’m trying to turn things around in this pretty large river. I’ve been fishing it since half past seven. Oh, man, there was a take Wanted to arrive earlier but couldn’t. In any case, it […]

Digging for Small Stream Trout Gold, Part 2. Uncut Fishing #24

Hello dear friends, ladies and gentlemen. This is Part 2 of the longer segment I’m shooting today. Maybe it is appended to Part 1, in that case, you are somewhere in the middle of the video, if not, you will see the link to Part 1 in the upper right corner or in the description […]

Small Stream Trout Spin Fishing in 5 Acts. Uncut Fishing #25

[Act 1. I Test the Net and the Future Seems Bright] Hello dear friends, ladies and gentlemen, this is Uncut Fishing and, well, I just got to this stream, this is the hole that I was actually expecting to hit, and immediately there’s a fish in it. We’ll see if we can get it out […]

FLY TV – Magic Mayfly Brown Trout Fishing

I am Daniel Bergman. – And I am Johan Klingberg. You are watching FLY TV. Today, we are doing mayfly fishing. We are in the south of Sweden today. We will fish dry flies in small streams. We will hopefully find some big mayflies hatching. And some nice trout rising through them. I have got […]

The Wrong Trout

So you haven’t seen it for a while? No but he was going upstream and he was rising a couple of times. Let’s sit down and wait for a minute What else could one ask for. No wind and rising trout There’s a lot of fish in the river Crazy much That’s a nice fish […]

Digging for Small Stream Trout Gold, Part 1. Uncut Fishing #23

Hello, dear friends, Ladies and Gentlemen. This is Uncut Fishing. And, well, let’s check the time… It’s nine o’clock in the morning, early September. And this is the stream I’m trying to fish today. I’m above a beaver dam so it looks slow here, but it will change. There was a take, a small fish. […]

The Silver Treasure – Sea Trout

We have around 20 streams in Stockholm county that produce sea trout. About half of them have running obstacles. This means that we have half of the population that it could have been. If we take care of the streams and conduct a good fish conservation, the fishing will get twice as good. We have […]

One Day of Small Stream Trout Fishing: 3×3 Digest

That tree isn’t helping, I must say. At least it isn’t helping me. It is helping the fish, if it’s there. Yeah, my casts are way to short. That’s because I, I’m still not used to this spinning. I use it very rarely. It’s soft and I don’t have a good feel for it. The […]