Whole Trout with Tarragon and Lemon cooked by Richard Holden on the Weber Spirit gas BBQ

Hello, we’re going to do some fish on the barbecue now and one of the accessories we’re going to use is the Weber Fish Basket. A great little bit of kit for whole food, for whole fish, for holding everything together and for kinda taking a lot of things on and off the BBQ in […]

A fish in the bag recipe that anyone can do! Outside The Kitchen – Ep 3 with chef Pete Cutcliffe

on this episode of outside the kitchen we have a seafood expert show us his version of fish in a bag get ready because today we’re cooking outside A chef once told me to create great food you need great ingredients like fresh seasonal produce and locally sourced seafood but there’s one ingredient that’ll make […]

Grilling Fish in Aluminum Foil Packets | Cooking Outdoors | Gary House

Presenter: Hey, everyone, today we’re cooking grilled fish packets on the Cooking Everything Outdoors show. So what’s this all about? Well, we’re taking foil packets which I’ve shown you how to use and we’re going to take some really savory wholesome ingredients. Awful big words for some good stuff and we’re going to pack it […]