Top Foods for Thyroid Health | Dr. Jack Wolfson

The thyroid and the heart and intimately intertwined and I should know. I’m a board-certified cardiologist, Dr. Jack Wolfson, and I want to tell you about certain foods that are critical for healthy thyroid function. First and foremost, number one, get lots of iodine. And you can get the iodine from eating sea vegetables. So, […]

Бабушкин (Сибирский) рыбный пирог. Секретный семейный рецепт :)

The secret recipe of my grandma Siberian fish pie. All ingredients in the description below. Okay, off we go… I’ll put all things in two these baking dishes. I’ll show you a bit later. Alex is cutting the fish out for… There is the size of a fish. This is enough for the two fish […]

What is the Modern Carnivore Diet & Lifestyle? (Learn to hunt, fish and forage for food)

[Mark:] I’ve always tried to be thoughtful on my food choices, whether it’s buying minimally processed options or other natural food items, but when my wife and I became parents, we took it to a new level and started buying organic and natural whenever we could and one of the things I kept hearing when […]