Watch 750lbs of Trout Being Stocked in the Chattahoochee River!!

what’s up everybody today we are heading down to the Buford Fish hatchery where we’re gonna be meeting with Pat Markey he’s going to be showing us the ins and outs of everything that has to be done to get trout ready to be stocked into our waters. Stick around because if we’re lucky he […]

Brook Trout Creek Fishing with Panther Martin Lure

I got a nibble, might have got a nibble Yes! Oh, no! What’s up everybody it’s Tiefsa, and I’m going after a specific fish, the mighty brook trout. Now, I’ve been fishing a lot, and I’ve caught some big fish, but they’ve all been species I’ve caught before. Got a nice largemouth I caught a […]


Let’s get ready to rumble!!! Whoo!!! Hello everybody and welcome to Streamline Adventures! Today we are going into North Georgia to the Soque River… mmm… Coffee is good! I have my fishing guide Princess Rainbow.. see her back there She got that name because she’ll take you to the rainbows She’ll take you to the […]

Trout Fishing Gear Treble Hooks Lures and Waders

Hi Suzy here and I am so excited because guess what came in the mail today from Amazon our hundred count treble hooks 5:16 what size do you usually use? We heard the trout are biting unusually size 14 16 and 18 We’re going to the Eastern Sierras in about three weeks. So we’re getting […]

How to Catch Trout – Trolling with a Spinner

I’m Denis Isbister with wild fish wild places television. If you want to learn how to catch trout in an open water trolling situation stay tuned. This is your Panther Martin how to report we start out trolling for the day you’re going to want to pick out a Panther Martin it’s going to best […]