How Many Cancers Have Been Caused by Arsenic­-Laced Chicken?

Borstenwürmer & Strüdelwürmer im Nano-Aquarium | Oligochaeta & Scutariella

Hallo AquaTerraner, hier ist TbBerlin auf YouTube. Today, it will be about worms in the nano aquarium. Many aquarists avoid this topic, I’ll show you here first the good worms. Again and again I read on the Internet: help thin white worms swim S-shaped through my aquarium. First I show you now the good worms, […]

How to Care for Tridacna Clams in Your Saltwater Aquarium

(upbeat music) – Hello folks. Robert from Marine Depot here and thanks for tuning in. Now I’m really excited about this video because we have some new giant clams here at Marine Depot and in this video we’re gonna show you guys how to properly acclimate and care for a giant clam in your reef […]

10 Real Parasites That Are Really Creepy

10 Creepiest Parasites In The World. Number 10. Cordyceps fungus actually grows into the brain of insects, progressively devouring the host’s brain until the insect dies. Once this occurs, Cordyceps grows as a fungis out of the head of its dead host. Some Cordyceps are known to even force their insect hosts to crawl to […]

Will You Still Eat Raw Fish After Watching This Video?

Hey smart people, Joe here. What do poke, sushi and sashimi, and all these dishes have in common? They’re delicious. They’re made with raw fish. And they could all give you parasites. Yep. The ocean is a parasite playground. That warning about raw or undercooked fish at the bottom of every menu? It’s there for […]