Flathead Catfish under a Bridge

The fish just started ripping my line off as I was standing next to my rod. Got my adrenaline pumping real quick from the noise. We were fishing in about 20ft of water so it came up quick. Fishing under bait schools help with your success of catching some nice sized fish. Unhooked the circle […]

ซับไทย Mekong giant catfish rig for under B5000 and how to mix bread bait

what’s up folks I’ll spank a hooker here and I’d like to update you guys on what I’ve been doing so far I know I haven’t been uploading any new videos for a while I’m sorry about that it’s simply because I broke my harddrive and in the process of trying to fix it broke […]

Recommended Fishing RODS & REELS – Socal Arsenal

hey guys Ali Hussainy here from BD outdoors and local knowledge as a new thing that we’re doing with local knowledge and on BD is we’re gonna start talking about more about the gear that we use in these short web videos my first thought was one of the most common questions we get is […]