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are climbing perch taken first?

Catching BIG wels catfish in Chernobyl (with a HUGE tumor?!)

it’s yours you’re gonna fight oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh Strike? What’s that? Is that a tumor? I’ve never seen anything like this before there’s something over there oh my gosh oh my gosh I got one! Whoa! Quite a butchery work now… The smaller one has been dragged to shore […]

Ål, abbor, husky og mus – fisketur på øya

Tove has been on a number of enjoyable outings this last spring and early summer. Trips to uninhabited islands where the dogs could roam free. This time, you are invited to join her on a journey to Skarvann. TOUGH OLD WOMAN IN THE WILD. Welcome along! As you can see, it has started to drizzle. […]

Chasing Catfish for a weekend – Meerval – Silure – Waller Fishing

It’s 3:05 am, what on earth are we doing in the car? We’re going fishing What are we going to do? We’re going to try to catch a catfish… …so let’s go Coffee! thanks! A new river… …so it will be searching again for us… …but we hope to get at least one fish or […]

Big Perch Fishing in Sweden with Adam Orre – Catch With Care TV

Bonjour, je m’appelle Adam Orre et aujourd’hui nous allons localiser.. les gros bancs de perches qui sont venues pondre au début du printemps. Je vais donc vous présenter la série de cannes Lizzard X de BFT. Quelle manière de commencer la matinée.. Une tête Triple S, elles aspirent le leurre et ça traverse. Regardez ces […]