Mackerel fishing Herring and Water Wolf/Slow motion – Makrillfiske Landskronabåten – Øresund

– Bottom or mid water? Bottom! Really nice fish! Nice! Really nice! Wow! Damned I drop it! – Mackerel? Yes, it was! Damn! – Bottom Peter? No, a few meter up! – A few meters up?

Herring/Cod fishing ocean with Sula leucogaster Brown booby – Brun sula på kroken – Øresund

– Damn! – Big ones, give em to my brother! Let me come closer! – Nicklas! – Keep on so we can get a hold of him. – Nicklas! Let’s trade places you and I! Let’s trade places! – Looks good! – Grab his head when he comes up. – Be careful! – Grab him […]

Fishing Rainbow trout – Jig fishing – Fiska Regnbåge – Rögle dammar

Damn! This one was bigger! Okey, the last run… No no, under the jetty! I’m in trouble! Hell, no good! I’ll be damned!

Fishing Sea trout from dock – Havsöring/fiske Beijerskajen Öresund – GoPro

I’m going to change bait… …To… …Spinnerbait “Reflex”. Ready! I’ll be damned, a fish follows the bait! Okay, let’s reel in! Wow! It’s actually a Sea trout! There you go! Get back to the water!

Rainbow trout and dropshot – Regnbåge – JUMPA Fiske – Rögle dammar 2017

Seems like Zydrunas got something going on! – Can it be Perch? Maybe… – Don’t feels like Rainbow trout! Good fighter? – No, its Perch… …Perch, I mean Rainbow trout! A small one! – Good morning! – Took him on the first cast! – Great! – I forgot my priest! I got one! Could you […]

Premiere Sea trout West Coast Sweden – Fiske Havsöringpremiär Västkusten/Bohuslän 2016

Congratulation Jocke! – It could be a little bit bigger! Yes! – But it’s more difficult to land a bigger fish from a jetty. – Seem like they want shiny bait! – Yes… – Bait with a green pearl in the ass! Yep! From the behind. – In the ass? Exactly! – Your line touching […]