(CC) Top 200 Drugs Chapter 6 Cardio Nursing Pharmacology by Suffix (Memorizing Pharmacology)

Let’s go over chapter 6 cardiovascular. I’m going to start with just three OTC medications. There really aren’t that many. Let’s start with OTC anti-hyperlipidemics, you’ll see these called anti-cholesterol drugs, or things like that there’s, I put that they’re over-the-counter but they’re also by prescription, and it’s a little bit goofy so the omega-3 […]


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A Grandma Ate Cookie Dough For Lunch Every Week. This Is What Happened To Her Bones.

A Grandma Ate Cookie Dough Every Week For Lunch. This Is What Happened To Her Bones. CC is a 78 year old woman, presenting to the emergency room with night sweats, hot flashes, and insomnia. She tells the admitting nurse that she had unintentionally lost at least 25 pounds over the last 2 months. CC […]

Fish Oil

Hey Misha, have you ever notice how fish have really good health? They never seem to have heart disease or memory problems or inflammatory issues like arthritis. What’s up with that? Well, that’s because they take fish oil Really? They have natural fish oil humans have to take fish oil So you’re saying Misha that […]

Scorpion Milking

I’m Dan Massey and I’m gonna show you how I collected venom from scorpions for a research project. This process of collecting venom is called milking. In this video, I’m milking scorpions in my home. What I have here is a Bark Scorpion which until recently was found primarily in Arizona and Mexico. The Bark […]